Christopher Lewis & Amy Menifield Used Taser to Discipline 13-Year-Old Boy



Roosevelt Lewis is only 22-years-old. But somehow he and his girlfriend, 19-year-old Deonjhane “Amy” Menifield, became the caretaker of a 13-year-old boy who is Lewis’ relative. They weren’t exactly suited for the role of raising a well-adjusted young lad…

Christopher Lewis figured that if tasers work well for police, just think what they could do to improve the behavior of a 13-year-old boy

​They thought the boy had become unruly, but they were lacking in the normal parental imagination for offering the kind of discipline that would improve his behavior. That’s when they decided it would be much better to scare — and scar — the living shit out of him.

So last week they bought a taser, figuring if the cops could use it on out-of-control drunks, it would work really good on a 13-year-old kid.

It seems they began blasting him in the thigh as a form of discipline. Nothing says “bad, bad boy” quite like a disabling jolt of electricity.

But the kid apparently wasn’t hip to this pioneering form of child rearing. He told someone at his school, who summoned police. Sure enough, the boy showed tell-tale burn marks on his thigh.

So last night, detectives went to visit Lewis and Menifield. And when the would-be father figure took off his coat, police also discovered he was carrying a 12-inch knife.

Now the couple is not only charged with child abuse, but Lewis got a bonus round of carrying a concealed weapon. The kid has since been taken to foster care, where we’re hoping he’s in the custody of someone who actually believes in the care part.

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