Elvis Noe-Garcia Stabbed His 3 Sons to Frame His Girlfriend’s New Lover



​Two weeks ago, Elvis Noe-Garcia went to police in Gwinnett County, Georgia to file a complaint. He said that Antonio Cardenas-Rico, who was now dating the mother or his three young boys, had threatened to kill him. And that threat appeared to come true last week…

On Wednesday evening, police received a call about unspeakable savagery that had taken place in Noe-Garcia’s apartment.

When officers arrived, they found the 23-year-old outside and bleeding profusely from stab wounds. He claimed that Cardenas-Rico had come to his apartment and attacked him before he escaped.

Antonio Cardenas Rico was originally charged with the slayings — until police found that he’d been framed

​Inside the home detectives found 3-year-old Bradley Garcia and 1-year-old Edward
Garcia stabbed to death. Bradley’s twin brother Joshua had also been stabbed, but was still alive.

Cardenas-Rico was immediately arrested for murder. But it would take just a day for detectives to learn their mistake.

After matching up the crime scene with Noe-Garcia’s tale, his version of the attack didn’t stack up. Police instead believed that Noe-Garcia had to tried to murder his boys to frame Cardenas-Rico.

Noe-Garcia and the children’s mother had been in the midst of a custody dispute. He’d also refused to give the kids back to their mom because he claimed to worry about their drug habits.

The murder charges against Cardenas-Rico were dropped, but he’s still charged with suspected marijuana dealing. Noe-Garcia has now been charged with double-homicide. He’s being held in the jail hospital, recuperating from his own wounds.

Police believe both men are in the country illegally. (Special thanks to reader Captain America for the tip.)

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