Kendall Anderson, 16, Beats Mom to Death for Taking Away His PlayStation



​16-year-old Kendall Anderson got into an elongated argument with his mom, which kids are prone to do. So Rashida Anderson ground him from his PlayStation 3 as punishment, as moms are prone to do. But this dispute wouldn’t end in the usual manner…

For the next three hours, Kendall paced the floor in his room in their Philadelphia home, plotting revenge against his mom for this egregious act of forced gaming withdrawal. When she finally went to sleep, he snuck into her room, then bashed her 20 times with a hammer.

As you might expect, he isn’t the brightest kid. He then dragged her body to the kitchen, where he hoped to cremate her in the oven. He apparently thought it would be as easy as overcooking a pizza.

This didn’t work so well. So to make sure she was dead, he took a chair leg and repeatedly bashed her in the head. When he was certain she was gone, he dragged her into the back yard and covered her body with debris.

Kendall then reported his mother missing, unaware that detectives might just search the property for clues to her disappearance. Rashida was discovered two days later.

Kendall is now charged with murder and abuse of a corpse.

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