White Collar Villians: William Dixiano Charged With Embezzling Inheritance, Wife Also Missing



​William Michael Dixiano’s Just For Men mustache isn’t fooling anyone, and neither are attempts to embezzle the mulit-million dollar inheritance of an unwitting mentally-challenged man. Now the missing persons investigation that sparked it all has turned into a murder charge adding to Dixiano’s troubles in White Collar Villains

The linchpin to the story is Dixiano’s wife, Angela. He was known to his friends as Mike, and met Angela as she was getting out of rehab for a recurrent drug problem. Indeed, Mike was pulled over by the cops in 2007 for missing driver license lights (a quasi-legitimate reason if ever there was one, right after spitting on the sidewalk).

During the stop they discovered three firearms on Dixiano’s seat, which he attempted to explain to the officer as “following his wife to her crack supplier.” (Sorta, if you think I’m bad, wait until you meet my wife!) Angela was also arrested in 2007 and 2008 for prostitution.

Angela Dixiano_opt.jpg

​Angela disappeared sometime in 2010. Her friend Curtis West finally went to the cops in December and reported it. West told them when he last talked to her in April, she told him she’d threatened to expose her husband embezzlement scheme. (Not an unusual circumstance after which to suddenly disappear. Indeed it’s a rather predictable outcome, particularly given the hundreds of thousands at stake.)

Dixiano had somehow formed a friendship with 48-year old fellow Anchorage, Alaska resident Sam Lee. The mentally/emotionally-disturbed Lee had become estranged from his parents. His parents were both research physicists, and his father was Peter Goedertier, who played a key role in the creation of bar code reading lasers. Lee felt the need to live independently and cut himself off from family partly, a cousin speculated, because he was such an oddball who was never able to live up to his parents’ high intelligence and standards.

According to court records, one day after Lee’s father died, leaving him control of a $600,000 bank account, 61-year old William Michael Dix changed his name to Dixiano.  (He thought it added class and somehow distracted from the fact that, at heart, he was nothing but a dick. Verdict: Dumb Ass.)

Sam Lee's House_opt(2).jpg
Dixiano’s Home

​Within months it was empty, while Dixiano’s driveway filled with Corvettes. He bought four of them, an Itaska mobile home, and a house. Meanwhile, Lee continued to live in a trailer. His cousin said Lee didn’t like to bathe too often and used to live on the streets, so maybe he prefers the trailer, I don’t know. Though initially in Lee’s name everything was ultimately signed over to Dixiano’s control, which was no big problem since months after his father’s death Lee gave Dixiano durable power of attorney.

Sam Lee's House_opt(3).jpg
Sam Lee’s Trailer

​After changing his name, Dixiano opened a joint account in Lee’s name and would proceed to deposit money in that account, and then transfer it to his own name. Though Lee lived in a trailer, the trustee for his $3 million inheritance got letters addressed from Dixiano’s home, allegedly signed by Lee, as though he lived there with them, and demanding more money. Despite the demands, the trustee refused to release more than $20,000 every quarter. Police discovered that the last five checks sent to Lee were deposited in their joint account, then within a day or two were transferred into one of Dixiano’s accounts.

“He’s my friend. This is between me and Mike. I don’t want the state of Alaska to get involved,” Lee told an Anchorage Daily News reporter. He was unaware that Dixiano had been arrested four days earlier and charged with seven felonies related to the embezzlement, or that Dixiano’s wife was missing. (Some friend he is!)

“I’m very deeply shocked, and I’m disoriented about the whole thing. Mentally, I’m not doing too well about it,” he told the reporter a few moments later. (Yeah, we gathered…)

Dixiano was arrested in early January for seven felony counts including scheming to defraud, theft, and multiple counts of forgery. Then on Wednesday the first charges in the disappearance of Angela Dixiano were filed. He was charged with first- and second-degree murder for causing Angela’s death (though as yet there is no body to prove she’s dead, and lots of Alaskan wilderness), tampering with physical evidence, and 14 more counts of forgery.

He told Angela’s parents that she died of drug abuse related organ failure, then told West she’d died of cancer. When cops came calling he told them that Angela had asked him for $10,000 and when he gave it to her in mid-December she left. But for now he’s in jail, and his five Corvettes (he bought another) are going to waste in the Alaska winter. (He also owns a PT Cruiser and a Buick LaSabre. Seven cars and a mobile home. A fine use of someone else’s money.)
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