13-Year-Old Boy Rapes His Sister, 7; Claims Bullying Made Him Do It



​When an unnamed 13-year-old boy was busted for touching and having sex with his 7-year-old sister, it seemed like an open and shut case of junior douchebaggary of the highest order. But to hear the sheriff of Rio Arriba County, New Mexico tell it, the boy’s a victim too…

We don’t have many details in the case — such as names, what exactly happened, or how the kid got caught. But the boy claims he did it due to peer pressure at school. The other kids were reportedly bullying, tormenting and teasing him because he was a virgin.

“This case is all about bullying, and because of the bullying, now we have two victims,” Sheriff Thomas Rodella told KOAT-TV.

It’s likely the sheriff knows much more about what happened at school than we do, so maybe there are extenuating circumstances. Still, a 13-year-old boy doesn’t get a pass for raping his own sister, regardless of his excuse.

The boy is now being held as a juvenile, charged with criminal sexual contact and criminal sexual penetration of a minor. A judge will decide if he can be returned to his family.

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