Ashley Jackson, Mom Toni Duncan Choke Elderly Greeter, Threaten to Blow Up Walmart



​21-year-old Ashley Jackson and her mother, Toni Duncan, decided to stop by the Walmart store in Elyria, Ohio to refill a gift card and get a money order. But they got a little pissed when no one was available to help them at the chronically understaffed retailer…

Toni Duncan tried to choke an elderly greeter while her daughter shouted that she was going to blow up the store

​So like all good shoppers, they got pissed and stormed out of the joint. But that’s when they were halted by a 71-year-old greeter who wanted to see their receipt. Already displeased with their shopping experience, they instead chose to fly into a rage, cussing and hurling racial insults at the elderly dude.

This being Walmart, where reason always takes a back seat, Duncan decided to also push a shopping cart into the greeter. Then she tried to choke him. And to top it all off, she ran into the store and threatened a clerk behind a counter.

Being the dutiful daughter, the pregnant Jackson also jumped into the act. She decided to start shouting, “I’m going to blow Wal-Mart up!” and told the greeter that her boyfriend was going to kill him.

It’s fair to say that neither will provide glowing customer reviews on their next shopper survey.

Police arrived to find the mother-daughter duo still in the parking lot. 

That’s where Duncan admitted to the assault, and Jackson confessed to her announcement about blowing up the store.

Duncan with charged with assault. Jackson was hit with
inducing panic and aggravated menacing. But they were both released by an Elyria judge because Jackson was pregnant and had two small children with her.

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