Bethany Anne Decker: Five Months Pregnant & Missing in Virginia



UPDATE: While still married to her husband Emile Decker, a soldier in Afghanistan, Bethany Anne Decker was living with another man at the time she disappeared. He moved out days after her cell phone and credit cards stopped being used. See update after the jump…

Bethany was last seen just a few days before her husband Emile flew back to Afghanistan

​They seemed the typical American couple trying to push their way upward.
Emile Decker is a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. His wife Bethany
Anne Decker is a fulltime student at George Mason. The couple’s
17-month-old son was staying with grandparents while she went to

But something went very wrong in late January. The couple flew to Hawaii for a vacation, then returned to Virginia for Emile’s send-off back to Afghanistan.

Family members thought it odd that Bethany didn’t accompany her husband to the airport on February 2. But she was a busy mom, concerned with school and her job as a waitress. So when she fell out of contact for a few week after that, it wasn’t necessarily alarming. They just thought she was busy.

But as the days of February passed, her family grew more worried. They hadn’t heard from Bethany, nor had her friends. She was pregnant and she was supposed to move from her Ashburn apartment at the end of January. But her car was still in the lot, and there were no signs that she’s packed anything in preparation to vacate.

So her family called police.

Weeks later, detectives still can’t find any sign of the missing mom. As best they can tell, she was last seen on January 28, days before her husband’s departure. Here cell phone, bank account, credit cards and Facebook page haven’t been used since January 29.

Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that she was unhappy in any way, nor is she the kind to simply runaway. Police say they’ve seen no indication of foul play, and they’ve been in contact with Emile in Afghanistan.

Bethany is described at white, 4-foot-11, and weighs 130 pounds. She’s estimated to be about five months pregnant. Anyone with information about her disappearance is asked to contact the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office at

UPDATE: Bethany’s boyfriend moved out days after her cell phone and credit cards stopped being used.

Police aren’t saying who the man is, but Bethany had been living with him and was pregnant with his baby. Just before she disappeared, Emile had been home on leave and apparently took his wife on some kind of reconciliation vacation to Hawaii before flying back to Afghanistan.

But the boyfriend moved out of the apartment about the same time Emile flew back to the war. That apparently was just a few days after she stopped using her bank account or updating her Facebook page. The sheriff’s department has searched a home where the boyfriend now lives with his mother, but they’re not saying what, if anything, they found.

The man has apparently made at least some conflicting statements to police.

Bethany’s family say she’s estranged from Emile, but both men are described as cooperative with police.

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