David Rapoport Kills Pregnant Mistress Jennifer Snyder So His Wife Won’t Discover Affair



​27-year-old Jennifer Snyder left her apartment in Lower
Macungie, Pennsylvania last week to meet her boyfriend, David Rapoport. She was a technician at a veterinarian’s hospital. He was a vet at another animal hospital. They met when they previously worked together…

Jennifer Snyder was shot three times because her lover David Rapoport didn’t want his wife finding out about their affair

​And though Rapoport was already married, they began carrying on an affair. The problem, at least in Rapoport’s mind, started when Jennifer got pregnant. She was carrying their son.

But after going to meet Rapoport that evening, she suddenly disappeared. The next morning she failed to show for an obstetrician appointment.

Rapoport initially told police that he hadn’t had any recent contact with Jennifer, but later changed his story, admitting that he’d tried to keep his affair away from his wife.

But the noose began to cinch after Jennifer’s car was found behind an office building. The interior was soaked in blood, and video cameras from the building showed Rapoport getting out of the car, then tossing a spent bleach bottle into a garage can.

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s body was discovered in a nature preserve two miles away. She’d been shot once in the back and twice in the head. Then she’d been doused in bleach, wrapped in blankets and plastic garbage bags, tied up in duct tape and thrown into a ravine.

But the good animal doctor was also something of a moron, having failed to rid himself of the evidence. Police found blood-spattered duct tape and a gun in Rapoport’s car.

Now, instead of having uncomfortable conversation with his wife, he’s looking at first-degree murder charges. Prosecutors say they’ll seek the death penalty.

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