Cleveland, Texas Gang Rape: 18 Arrested in the Videotaped Assault on 11-Year-Old Girl



UPDATE: The small Texas town of Cleveland keeps getting weirder in the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl, and this time it’s about race. Quanell X, the Al Sharpton of Houston, wants to know why only black men have been charged. See update after the jump…

Kelvin Rashad King, 21, was among the 18 boys and men who raped and videotaped an 11-year-old girl

​It happened during the Thanksgiving break from school in Cleveland,
Texas. An 11-year-old girl supposedly went willingly to an abandoned
trailer, then had sex with as many as 18 boys and men. It was all caught
on tape. Those who’ve seen it say it was both graphic and degrading.

But it managed to stay a secret for months, until the video began circulating widely around the school district in this town north of Houston. That’s when a friend of the girl saw it and went to police.

The cops will only say the video depicted “the victim engaging in sex acts with multiple adult and
juvenile males.” Others can be seen in the background capturing the event on cell phones. And while the girl was supposedly willing, 11-year-old’s don’t get to make that call in the eyes of the law.

The video has also made for handy evidence for police. They’ve charged 18 boys and men in the case so far, their ages ranging from 17-27.

The arrested include only one student, Timothy Daray Ellis, a 19-year-old enrolled in the district’s dropout recovery program. Police have also charged Isaiah Rashad
Ross, 21 and the son of a school board member.

Others include Xavier King, 17;
Kelvin Rashad King, 21, Eric Bernard McGowan,
19, Jamarcus Norris Napper, 18; Devo Shawn Green, 20 (pictured top); Jared Glenn McPherson, 18; and Marcus Anthony Porchia, 26, Carlos Bernard Ligon, 25, Cedric De Ray Scott, 27, Jared Len Cruse, 19, Rayford Tyrone Ellis
Jr., 19, and Timothy Daray Ellis, 19.

All have been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child under age
14, a felony punishable by 99 years in prison.

UPDATE: The girl and her family face threats over gang rape charges.

Police say it went down like this: A 19-year-old man with previous dope convictions talked the girl into taking a drive with him on November 28. Along with two other men, they went to a small home in Cleveland where the girl was ordered to take off her clothes.

If she didn’t, they warned, she would take a beating from some other girls and would have to find her own way home. So she began having sex with multiple men. Then someone got on the horn and invited more people to the gang rape.

A some point, a relative of one of the attackers showed up at the house, so they all escaped out a window and went to the trailer, which had been abandoned due to hurricane damage.

Police now believe upwards of 28 men and boys either participated or witnessed the rape, and none apparently did anything to help the girl. But as the cell phone video began circulating, the girl was pulled from school and taken into the custody of child services for her own protection. She’s now at an undisclosed safe house and attending a new school.

Social workers also want the family to move. The family says its been receiving threatening calls asking for their daughter. “They keep calling
and asking for her,” the girl’s mom told the Houston Chronicle. “They don’t believe me when I say
she’s not here and cuss us out. They’re trying to find her.”

The town isn’t taking the incident too well. Many believe the girl is to blame for putting herself out there. Others blame her mother for not watching her carefully enough.

Among the arrested are seven high school students, including star athletes from the town’s basketball and football teams. Others are garden variety shitheads with previous pinches for drugs, robbery, even manslaughter.

The girl, meanwhile, seems a mix of small child and adolescent bravado. She brags on her Facebook page of drinking and doing drugs. But she’s also into stuffed animals and making weird noises. And at her new school, she’s been put in advanced placement classes.

The family doesn’t want to move from Cleveland. The girl’s two older sisters are also in gifted classes, and she has a 9-year-old brother who cries at mention of leaving. But they may have no choice.

The dad is struggling to find carpentry work. The mom doesn’t earn enough cleaning houses. The bank has already given them notice of eviction.

Activist Quanell X is doing his best to inflame racial passions in Cleveland — while talking out of his ass

UPDATE II: Douchebags doing their best to raise racial tensions over case.

There’s nothing like a good tragedy — and the incumbent media coverage — to bring the douchebags scurrying to the fore. And the principal douchebag in this tale appears to be Quanell X, the Al Sharpton of Houston.

He came to town last week to hold a rally, where he alternately tried to play the reasonable guy while still sucking up to an angry crowd. Out of one side of his mouth, he called for a prayer vigil among black and Hispanic residents, and said Hispanic residents “have a right to be angry with black men who ravaged a
young girl.”

Out of the other, he told Hispanics that “the first house you need to stop at is her Mama and
Daddy’s house!” He also showed reporters a racy photo of the girl from her Facebook page, and claimed police were solely targeting black perps in the case.

Conveniently, he offered no evidence that anyone of another race was involved in the gang rape. Nor did he offer any evidence that any of the arrested were innocent. But he did imply the arrests were propagated by a racist police department.

“We do
not want someone with a malicious racist motive to rid your community of
an entire generation of black men,” he said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Meanwhile, the white goobers in Cleveland weren’t helping matters either. On Thursday, witnesses say a pickup filled with shaved-head goobers were driving along a street yelling, “Kill all the niggers.”

Even the lawyers in Cleveland appear to be huge douchebags. James D.
Evans III, who represents some of the defendants, has in the past tried to blame the girl for the incident. But he admits the boys and men who were arrested were “absolutely” aware of the girl’s age.

So while American soldiers attempt to bring some semblance of modernity to Afghanistan, it appears a small town in Texas awaits the same intervention once they return.

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