Hemy Neuman’s Wife Alleges Affair in the Murder of Rusty Sneiderman



​You may recall this story from back in January. Russell “Rusty” Sneiderman had dropped his 2-year-old at a Dunwoody,
Georgia daycare center. As he walked back to the parking lot, he was shot multiple times by a gunmen. Police thought it might have been a professional hit…

Andrea Sneiderman is suspected of having an affair with the man who executed her husband

​The murder took place in November, and Sneiderman made an unlikely victim. He had a masters from Harvard and served as a chief operating officer and financial consultant until he struck out on business for himself.

It wouldn’t be until January that police arrested a suspect, Hemy Zvi Neuman. He also made for an unlikely shooter. He was an engineer and supervisor at General Electric.

The only thing apparently tying the two men together was that Neuman worked with Rusty’s wife, Andrea Sneiderman, at General Electric, where she was also an engineer.

Police have been tight-lipped about the case ever since. But now Neuman’s wife, Ariela Neuman, has filed for separation from her incarcerated husband. And she claims he and Andrea Sneiderman were having an affair.

“We believe there was an extramarital relationship between Hemy
Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman,” Ariela’s lawyer, Esther Panitch, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Ariela is asking for evidence in the murder probe that pertains to the relationship between Neuman and Andrea. The district attorney’s office recently got a search warrant for email and phone call records between the two suspected lovers. Ariela’s lawyer contends Andrea continued to communicate with Neuman even after her husband’s slaying.

So far, police haven’t implicated Andrea in Rusty’s murder. And the prosecutor’s office is trying to deflect Ariela’s petition, believing it will jeopardize the murder probe.

Ariela is filing for a separation from Neuman, claiming adultery and cruel treatment. She’s asking for child support for their 17-year-old daughter.

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