James & Sandra Davis Plead to Trading Sex With Their Daughter for Minivan



​A year ago, we told you the story of James and Sandra Davis. According to police in Eastman, Georgia, the couple came
up with a novel plan to pay for the ’98 Dodge minivan they wanted to
purchase at Shorty’s Used Cars: Sex with their daughter would serve as monthly payments…

James Davis’ daughter was only 12 when he began swapping sex with her to cover monthly payments at a car dealership

​Police say they bought the van two years ago from 66-year-old Wayne
Bearden, manager of Shorty’s. But they apparently never made payments on
the van — at least the monetary kind.

Bearden was instead paid with sexual favors by the Davis’ 14-year-old daughter, who would have only been 12 when the arrangement began.

Police say the parents were also going perv on their daughter.

As for the financially creative car salesman, he has a
list of busts going all the way back to the ’70s, when he ran for the
Georgia State Senate. He was convicted in 1978 in the shooting death of a
friend and political ally during a fight.

He served time again in the ’90s on pot charges, and went to federal prison again in ’97 on a vote-buying conspiracy pinch.

The dealership was owned by his younger brother, who gave Bearden a job because he was a recovering alcoholic.

believe the Davises also traded their daughter’s virtue for other items
and drugs.

Wayne Bearden, the creepy old degenerate bastard who like young girls

But when Davis was thrown in the slam, it was fellow inmates who exacted the initial penalty. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office says Davis had to be hospitalized
after getting into a fight with another con.

His injuries weren’t
serious, but it looks like his ass was kicked enough to leave him
hospitalized. He was transferred to a different jail for his own

A year later, the bill for their depravity has finally come due. Sandra pleaded guilty to child molestation and was sentenced Monday to eight
years in prison. She admitted to swapping the girl for sex, but claims she never molested the child.

James Davis and Bearden also pleaded guilty to child molestation and were
sentenced to 10 years in prison, followed by 10 years on probation. None of them can have any contact with the girl for 20 years.

The upside is the girl is apparently doing well with her new family. (Special thanks to Texas Bureau Chief Leah for the tip.)

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