Kisha Curtis Charged With Starving Her Pit Bull, Dumping Him Down Garbage Chute



​On her Facebook page, 28-year-old Kisha Curtis claims to be a former student at Duke University and one-time manager Klimaxxpromos, a porn operator. She can now add dog abuser to her resume. She kept a 1-year-old pit bull in her 19th floor apartment in Newark…

Patrick the dog was nearly starved to death, then thrown down a garbage chute

​But she wasn’t really interested in caring for said dog. She often left in chained in the hallway without food or water. The dog was slowly starving to death.

As it became excruciatingly thin, Curtis decided she just didn’t want it anymore. So she chucked it down the garbage chute, according to police.

Despite the severity of the case, Kisha Curtis faces a max of just six months in prison

​But Patrick the dog may be the most resilient canine to ever live. He not only survived the fall, but he managed to survive the severe starvation Curtis inflicted up him.

When he was found by a maintenance worker in the garbage, veterinarians at first thought he wouldn’t even survive the night. But after receiving a blood transfusion and around-the-clock care, he’s slowly being nursed back to health. He’ll be adopted out once he’s released from the clinic.

The same cannot be said of Curtis. She faces two counts of abandonment and two
counts of failure to provide proper sustenance to an animal. But under New Jersey law, the maximum she can receive is only six months in jail and a
$1,600 fine. (Special thanks to reader Alexa for the tip.)
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