Christopher Wells, 3 Others Charged With Murder & Torture of Wife, Brother-In-Law



​On the night of February 23, 39-year-old Amara Wells and her six-year-old daughter were staying at the Castle Rock, Colorado home of her brother and sister-in-law, Robert and Tamara Rafferty. Mother and daughter were in need of a place to stay during her impending divorce…

Though Christopher Wells was in jail for violating a restraining order at the time of the murder, police say he had three friends perform the double slaying

​Her break with husband Christopher — Tamara Rafferty’s brother — was turning ugly fast.

That night, Tamara Rafferty was away from the home on a business trip. But Amara Wells was there as was her daughter and brother-in-law Robert.
Sometime late that night, attackers penetrated the Rafferty home and murdered both Amara Wells and Robert Rafferty. The six-year-old, who was left unharmed and would later find her mother and uncle’s bodies, ran to neighbor’s home for help.

Robert Rafferty was beaten and tortured so badly that his body was barely recognizable

​According to autopsy reports, Amara and Robert were the victims of unpspeakable deeds; they did not die pleasant deaths.

Robert had been shot several times at close range and was beaten so badly his body was nearly unrecognizable. Several teeth were broken or missing and bruises consumed his neck and head. His hair had been singed on the right side of his head and charring was scattered over the right side of his body. 
According to the coroner, Rafferty’s — whose cause of death was due to several multiple sharp force injuries — suffered his burns at or near the time of death.
Amara’s autopsy report revealed she had been stabbed in the neck with blows so ferocious they fractured her vertebral column and penetrated her spinal column. She too had been shot.
Wells died as a result of multiple sharp injuries to her torso, although the autopsy report noted that she had possible chemical injuries to her neck and torso, indicating that she too may have tortured before perishing.
What appears at face value to be a marital break-up-turned-O.J. Simpsonesque shaking out to be much murkier and thick. That’s because 49-year-old Christopher Wells — Amara’s husband — was in jail at the time of the attacks for violating a restraining order, according to investigators. 
However, authorities do maintain it was Christopher Wells who masterminded the carnage. He just had others carry it out. 
Two days before the slaying, say authorities, Micah Woody, 29, purchased a .45-caliber gun with the serial numbers scratched off from a former co-worker.
Woody, along with Matthew Plake, 26, and Josiah Sher, 26, all worked together at one time with Christopher Wells at Rocky Mountain Auto Brokers in Colorado Springs.  
All four men have been charged with first-degree murder. Wells has also been charged with solicitation to commit first-degree murder.

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