Orit Fox Bitten on Breast By Snake, Which Later Dies of Silicone Poisoning



Orit Fox, a model who looks like a cracked out Barbie with helium filled boobs, was on an Israeli radio show playing suggestively with a snake. For some reason DJ Shmulik Tayar thought this made good radio, even though seeing her boobs were the centerpiece of the act…

Model Orit Fox’s boobs are lethal, as one Israeli snake unfortunately discovered

Fortunately, the Spanish TV channel Telecinco was there to capture the action. Because the snake, it would appear, didn’t like being teased with simulated acts of facial cunilingus. So it decided to bite Fox in the boob, just to show how this shit is done in snake world.

The model yelped and was taken to a hospital, where she received a tetanus shot and was quarantined by workers in haz-mat suits, who feared that massive silicone leak would wipe out Israel.

She’s fine, but the snake isn’t. Alas, our trusty reptile died days later of — get this — silicone poisoning. You see the video below (Special thanks to reader Betty Boop for the tip):