Rabia Mohammed Shot By Muggers After Trying to Save Husband’s Romantic Texts



​Shazam Khan and his wife, Rabia Mohammed, were only married last October. But they were a romantic couple. Shazam liked to send his wife loving texts. She refused to delete them, instead buying new cell phones when the memory ran out on her old ones…

The lovely couple had just a few months of marriage together before Rabia was gunned down in Queens

​On Sunday night, they were walking to his mother’s home in Queens when three attackers jumped them. One grabbed Shazam. Another grabbed Rabia. A third went for her purse.

Shazam says there wasn’t much of value in it, save for an iPod and about $20. But it also contained her cell phone. And she wasn’t about to let shitbags steal her romantic memories.

“She was very sentimental,” Shazam told the New York Post. “She really cherished our text messages. She has four cellphones that are full. When she doesn’t have any memory left, she gets a new phone.”

Shazam says he had just broken free of one shitbag and was leaping to protect his wife. But then two shots rang out. Rabia had been shot twice in the chest.

The shitbags have yet to be caught. But Shazam is trying to look on the bright side of his wife’s death.

“As bad
as it was, at least I was with her when her time came. I
would never wish for someone’s wife to die in their arms. It’s a
terrible thing.” (Special thanks to reader Alexa for the tip.)