Rachel Hachero, Honor Student, Pistol-Whips Mom, Forces Her to Buy Car at Gunpoint



​Rachel Anne Hachero, a 17-year-old from Fort Myers, Florida, had everything going for her. She was an honor student at the exclusive Canterbury School, and she’d already been accepted to a number of Ivy League school. The bad part is she’s a congenital ingrate…

It seems she had her heart set on buying a used 2004 Nissan 305Z. But she needed her mom to cosign for the loan, and mom wouldn’t do it. So Rachel, being the dutiful little daughter, threatened to kill mom over the phone.  

Rachel returned to her home last Thursday night armed with a 9 mm handgun. That’s when she pistol-whipped mom about the head, then forced her at gunpoint to the car dealership. As Rachel put the gun in her purse, mom signed for the loan.

Rachel was now the proud owner of a used Nissan.

But mom was too afraid to call the cops until the next day, after Rachel left for school. She searched her daughter’s room and found the gun and drugs. She finally decided she needed a little police intervention.

Yet when the cops arrived, mom said she didn’t want to press charges, saying she both feared her daughter and worried that an arrest might hinder her future of Ivy League stardom. The cops, however, weren’t inclined to give a shit about any of that. Rachel was arrested and taken to a juvenile jail. (Special thanks to readers Leah and Emland for the tips.)

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