Shelley Mook, Middle School Teacher, Missing in Tennessee, Car Found Torched



​24-year-old mom Shelley Mook, a teacher at Harris Middle School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was last seen February 28. She dropped off her 6-year-old daughter Tyler at the home of her ex-husband, Tyler Mook, and was headed to a home she was moving into…

She was supposed to meet a repair man. But she never showed up. Police later found her Pontiac burned along a highway outside of town.

As is often the case, the spotlight immediately turned to her ex-husband. Police had been summoned to their home on a domestic violence call when they were still married. Tyler had also been charged with trying to run her car off the road.

After she moved out, she reported two vandalism incidents at her new home following the divorce. Before one of the incidents, a neighbor apparently saw Tyler driving up and down the street.

Detectives have searched his home and brought a mobile crime scene lab to the house. But if they’ve found anything, they’re not saying.

In the meantime, he’s moved to a new place, and his 6-year-old daughter is now staying with grandparents.

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