Terrie Robinson Charged With Killing 3-Year-Old Son, Cooking Him in Oven



UPDATE: A coroner’s report indicates that 3-year-old Tristan Robinson died from being cooked. The autopsy lists the cause of death as “thermal heat,” but detectives still don’t know if the baby was conscious before being placed there by his mother. See original story after the jump…

Though he also had signs of head trauma, Tristan Robinson died from being cooked

​Police aren’t saying what brought them to the apartment in Greenville,
Mississippi shortly after midnight, only that it was an emergency call.
But what they found was horrific. 3-year-old Tristan Robinson had been
murdered. And his body had been cooked in an oven.

Detectives have released almost no details on the case. They’ll only say that the boy exhibited signs if head trauma, but they won’t know if that came before he was cooked until after an autopsy. The child’s body was still warm when police arrived. It’s still unclear if the child was killed before he was burned.

His mother, 24-year-old Terrie A. Robinson, has been taken into custody. She’s sitting in the Washington County Jail on $5 million bail.

Another girl found in the home was taken into the custody of the Mississippi Department of Human Services. (Special thanks to reader Captain America for the tip.)

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