Video: Kimesa Smith Trashes Burger King in Bikini Over Slow Service



One of the abiding rules of the moronic life: If you’re ever dissatisfied with something, it’s always best to make an ass out of yourself in the most embarrassing way possible. And preferably have it filmed for all to see on the World Wide Web…

Our tale begins in Panama City Beach, Florida, where 23-year-old Kimesa Smith was visiting with her children from Alabama. She spent the day at the beach, then stopped by the Burger King drive-thru for a delicious whopper and fries, still clad in a festively colored bikini.

But she apparently thought the order took far too long — like 20 minutes. We’re not sure if that time is accurate. Or if Burger King workers simply forgot about her order. They’re fast food employees, for chrissakes. It’s not exactly like she was dealing with NASA.

But Kimisa decided the best course of action would be to go into the restaurant and loudly confront them. That always works.

As the camera picks up the scene from a distance, you can hear Kimesa loudly squawking. A crowd gathers and appears to be egging her on. That’s when she decides to start chucking things at employees, including a charity donation jug.

She also grabbed an employee’s hair and, just to be a complete asshole, climbed on top of the counter to continue her rant.

When the cops arrived, she told them to “Take your damn hands off me, you can’t touch me,” and continued to squawk like some partially-clothed exotic bird. She also admitted to the cops that “We tore the Burger King up. I don’t play no games.”

Ooooo, Kimesa, you’re like so totally street in your fast food behavioral tactics!

For all her ranting, Kimesa never did get that whopper. But she was pinched for misdemeanor battery, and the cops had to call her friends so someone could look after her kids.

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