12-Year-Old Girl Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant, Gives Birth on School Field Trip



​Neither the 12-year-old Dutch girl nor her family knew she was pregnant. It’s doubtful she was showing, because her teachers hadn’t noticed anything either. But while her class was out on a field trip, the girl from Groningen started complaining of stomach pains…

Being way smarter than we are, the teachers soon recognized the girl was in labor and called an ambulance. Medics arrived at the scene, but there wasn’t enough time to take her to the hospital. So the girl gave birth to a healthy baby girl in a nearby building.

She was later taken to a hospital. But when she was questioned by the cops, she refused to say who the father was. Detectives, however, have a pretty good place to start.

It seems that the girl’s father had already done two years in the slam for molesting an older daughter. Through the miracle of the Dutch legal system, which sounds as shitty as ours, he was still given custody of the girl and her brother when he and his wife divorced.

Police say the girl will be sent to foster care once she’s released. (Special thanks to reader Mecede for the tip.)

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