April Kuchta, 16, Charged With Handcuffing, Sexually Assaulting Special Needs Boy



​April Kuchta, a 16-year-old girl from Valparaiso, Indiana, has apparently decided it’s never to early to get started on your career as a junior sadist. Last week, she and a 14-year-old girl decided to lure a 17-year-old special needs boy to April’s home…

They were talking and texting on the phone when April invited the kid over to her house to hang out. But when the boy arrived, he was led at knifepoint to the kitchen, where he was handcuffed and poked with the knife.

The girls then made him say humiliating things before they sexually assaulted him and pretended to plead for sex. And seeing as how April is surely descended from Nazis, she recorded her torturous adventure on her cell phone, then began inviting other kids over to share the merriment.

The boy spent two hours in handcuffs with a blanket over his head and his mouth taped shut. At some point, another boy they’d invited over freed the disabled kid, but April recaptured him at knifepoint and put the handcuffs back on.

Then another unknown kid freed the boy, and this time he managed to escape after being bitten on the arm by April.

Unfortunately, her introduction to sadism no longer seemed funny when the cops showed up. She’s already being tuned up as an adult, charged with criminal deviate conduct, criminal
confinement, intimidation and sexual battery.

The 14-year-old girl has already confessed in juvenile court to battery and confinement
charges. She’s further been hit with unknown charges from earlier crimes. There’s still no word on whether police will light up anyone the two girls invited over to witness their fun.

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