Chelsea Champey: Mom Left Young Kids Alone in Trashed, Feces-Filled Home



​On Monday morning, police went to the suburban Philly home of 21-year-old Chelsea Champey on what’s only being described as an “unrelated complaint.” That’s when they found a way bigger complaint. At first, no one answered the door…

Then the cop saw a 4-year-old looking out the window, so he motioned the kid to open the door. Inside was a bonanza of child neglect. You could say that Champey isn’t a big fan of the old theory that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

There was an open liquor bottle on the table, a joint in the ashtray, and human shit on the floor. It seems the water had been turned off, so the three kids living there had taken to going to the bathroom anywhere they pleased.

The kitchen was littered with rotting food.

On the second floor, officers found an open box of razor blades, a tub that looked as if it hadn’t been used in weeks, and a 1-year-old baby in a feces filled crib. Then they noticed a door that had been dead-bolted.

That door led to the third floor, where they found a 2-year-old girl naked and covered head-to-toe in shit. So was all the furniture. The door had scratch marks on it that were roughly the height of the girl, as if she had repeatedly tried to claw her way free.

There was no one present to care of any of the kids.

Champey wouldn’t arrive home until hours later. She tried to claim she’d left the kids with a babysitter. But she also admitted to locking the girl on the third floor, telling cops that if she was allowed downstairs, “she would have
the main floor in the same condition as the third floor.”

The kids were all taken into protective custody, and Champey was charged with felony child endangerment. She’s still in the slam on a $75,000 bond.

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