Clinton Johnson & Sons Accused of Gang Raping 16-Year-Old Girl at Party



UPDATE: Clinton “Bubba” Johnson Jr. actually bragged to another man that he raped the 16-year-old girl with a beer bottle. Meanwhile, Clinton Sr.’s daughter says her dad is dying of cancer and never would have harmed the girl. See update after the jump…

Clinton Jr. — aka “Bubba” — is accused of raping the girl, then raping her again with a beer bottle

​53-year-old Clinton Johnson Sr. of Hudson, Texas is all class. He likes
to bond with his kids, which entails throwing parties at their home. But
last month, during one of said parties, a 16-year-old had too much to
drink. She was urged to lay down on a mattress in the backyard.

Yes, the Johnson home is the kind of classy place where they have mattresses in the backyard.

That’s when Clinton “Bubba”
Johnson Jr. raped her, the girl says. And because he’s a wicked little degenerate, he also decided to rape her with a beer bottle.

Others at the party soon joined in.

The girl says Bubba’s younger brother also raped her. Not to be outdone, Clinton Sr. decided to jump into the action as well, because there’s nothing like a little backyard rape to solidify the family bonding.

All told, police believe at least six people assaulted the girl. And there may be additional juvenile suspects.

The March 5 incident just came to light after the girl confessed her ordeal to a school counselor weeks later.

So far, only Clinton and Bubba have been charged in the case. Both face up to life sentences if convicted.

UPDATE: Clinton Jr. bragged to another man that he raped the girl with a beer bottle.

This case is quickly becoming an explosion of gooberism, according to the Lufkin Daily News. The paper is now suggesting the gang rape may have occurred in a different place in the woods less than a mile from the Johnson’s home.

The second sits contains two mattresses, box springs and a leftover bottle of King Cobra beer, because these guys are nothing but class. Still, the Hudson police department has yet to confiscate any of the mattresses as evidence for DNA collection.

True, the mattresses have been exposed to the weather since March 5, but it’s still not out of the question that they’d contain fluids from the rapists. Hudson Police Chief Jeff Burns wants to confer with the district attorney before grabbing them, but this doesn’t look like a crackerjack police department.

Meanwhile, Paula Davis, Clinton Sr.’s daughter, is providing something of a backhanded defense of her father. She claims dad’s innocent and says he went back to the woods on the day of the rape to ask Clinton Jr. about a missing remote for the DVD player.

“Daddy walked back there, and he wasn’t back there very long —
maybe two or three minutes,” Davis told the Daily News. “When he came back, he
just said Bubba and that girl were having sex on a mattress. He
said he grabbed her purse and slung it across the way because it
made him mad.

“I’m telling you now, if my daddy would have heard a little girl
screaming, he would have stopped it. My daddy is not
that kind of person, and he does not believe in that.”

In other words, dad’s not a rapist, but he didn’t do anything when he witnessed his 17-year-old son having sex with a 16-year-old girl. Davis also says Clinton Sr. has terminal cancer.

Meanwhile, Davis nephew Chance McCauley says Clinton Jr. bragged about raping the girl.

“We were riding around and Bubba told me that he did have sex with
that one girl. He said he stuck a beer bottle up
in her. He was trying to brag about it a little bit. He told me
that it did hurt her a little. There were other boys back there. He
didn’t tell me their names, though.”

Clinton Jr. is still in jail on a $100,000 bond. Clinton Sr. still hasn’t come up with a $150,000 bond. But since the police department is struggling with even basic evidence collection, it’s hard to see how they’ll ever be convicted.

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