Deputy LaDonna Williams Claims She Was Fired for Refusing Threesome With Sheriff



​LaDonna Williams is as pretty as sheriff’s deputies get. And she now admits that it was her looks, not her skills, that got her hired at the Clayton County, Georgia Sheriff’s Department. When she first applied for the job, she was a high school drop-out…

Sheriff Kem Kimbrough giving the camera the finger, a look that’s long been huge among middle school boys

​That’s when the sheriff’s department decided to pick up the tab for her to get her GED. It seemed a curious move, since these jobs are coveted, and the department likely already had hundreds of more qualified candidates.

But Sheriff Kem Kimbrough won’t explain why LaDonna was chosen for special consideration.

Department spokeswoman Alicia Parkes was arrested for secretly videotaping another female deputy in the bathroom

​Then she failed her other police tests, but was hired anyway. When she asked why, “The chief of staff
told me that that was the only reason I was hired was because Sheriff
Kimbrough wanted me there,” she told CBS Atlanta.

But the real reason would soon become clear. Weeks into the job, Kimbrough gave her is card with his personal phone number written on it, letting her know where to call if she needed him right away.

Then another deputy, Alicia Parkes, began hitting on her. Parkes, the spokeswoman for the department, started sending LaDonna nude photos of herself. She also grabbed LaDonna’s breasts and asked her if she wanted to have a threesome with her and Kimbrough.

At the same time, LaDonna knew that Parkes had put up a secret camera to videotape another female deputy in the bathroom. So she went to internal affairs with her news.

Parkes was indicted on felony charges for the videotaping. But she’s still on the job. LaDonna ended up getting fired.

The sheriff refuses to discuss the matter, and won’t say why an indicted deputy has only ben reprimanded, while a whistleblower has been fired.

But LaDonna is sure of why she faced punishment. “I was fired simply because I did not have a threesome between
Sheriff Kimbrough and Deputy Parkes.”

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