Estellamarie Ruiz, Moron of the Day: Steals Credit Cards, Uses Them 50 Yards Away



​Today’s adventure in stunning idiocy comes courtesy of 29-year-old mom Estellamarie
Ruiz, who enjoys taking her children on weekend jaunts of petty theft and fraud. A Chicago woman was at a gas station when she noticed her wallet had been lifted from her car…

The woman told responding officers that she had seen a green van leaving the scene. And just to make sure this was the easiest crime ever investigated, she found that her credit card had already been used at a McDonald’s just 50 yards from the gas station.

It seems Ruiz thinks elongated getaways are very much overrated. So after stealing the woman’s wallet, she merely drove across the street to McDonald’s, where she bought some delicious chemical burgers for her two children.

When police arrived at McDonald’s parking lot, they found the suspect green van, along with the the Family Ruiz eating inside of it. Her receipt was matched to the stolen credit. And police soon discovered she’d also stopped to buy gas at a nearby station, then dumped the stolen wallet in the garbage.

She was charged with felony identity theft, misuse of a credit card, and illegally conducting criminal activities while operating at below a 40 IQ.

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