Frank Hebert, Paraplegic Grandpa, Charged With Beating Child Molester With Bat



Hebert faces 10 years in the slam for being a man. A decade ago, a car crash left the 57-year-old grandpa a paraplegic who gets around in a wheelchair and only has partial use of his arms. But when he found his granddaughter was being molested, that didn’t stop him…

The 3-year-old girl told Frank and his wife that her stepfather, Joshua A. Hardy,
had molested her and taken pictures of her naked with his cell phone. So while grandma took the girl to the police, Frank invited Hardy to his computer store on Martha’s Vineyard under the auspices that Hardy could pick up the girl there.

But when Hardy showed up, Frank was armed with a baseball bat. He confronted Hardy on the abuse. Frank says Hardy admitted to the molestation, but only laughed at the prospect of a disabled man armed with a bat.

That’s when Frank decided to belt him in the arm. When the cops arrived moments later, Hardy was found sitting in a chair clutching his elbow.

Hardy was subsequently charged with indecent assault and
battery on a child under 14, enticing a child, and disseminating obscene material in his stepdaughter’s case. He’s also charged with indecent assault and
battery on a child under 14 in a case involving another girl.

The problem is that Frank has also been charged for hammering the douchebag with a bat. He’s been charged with felony assault and faces up to 10 years in prison.

But Frank isn’t exactly a picture of remorse these days. He feels what he did was right.

“I’d do it again tomorrow, knowing the consequence,” he told the Boston Herald. “I didn’t have a
choice. A 10-year-old kid could take me. This is not about me. This is
about a tiny child. I would never tell her I took a risk for her. I’d
tell her I loved her.” (Special thanks to readers& Stephen for the tips.)

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