Gage Turner Robs Kids’ Lemonade Stand That Was Raising Money for Sick Toddler



​We’re pretty sure that 13-year-old Chelsea Edwards is a sweet little girl. On Saturday, she spent the day with two friends running a lemonade stand in Warner Robins, Georgia. They were raising money for her 2-year-old cousin, Logan Varnadoe, and doing a fine job of it…

The girls were raising money for 2-year-old Logan Varnadoe, who was born with part of his brain missing

​Logan was born with part of his brain missing, which has led to a host of medical problems. He was about to fly to Cincinnati for more treatment, and the kids had already raised $130 with their stand to help pay for travel and medical bills.

Amber Umbarger might consider getting a new boyfriend after the current one left her at the scene of their lemonade stand heist

​That’s when two shitheads by the names of Gage Allen Turner and Amber Michelle Umbarger came along. They asked how much a cup of lemonade cost. Then Turned grabbed their money jar and took off in his car.

Not only is he the kind of guy who steals money from children, but he’s also a very shitty boyfriend. In the midst his grand lemonade stand takedown, he decided to bolt without his girlfriend, leaving Umbarger behind. She was still at the stand when police arrested her.

Shitbag Turner was later arrested at a vacant apartment. He and his girlfriend have both been charged with robbery.

But the good news is that as soon as the story aired on local TV, $3,000 in donations rolled into the family in just 12 hours. (You can donate here.) Neighbors are also raising money to cover the $130 that Turner stole.

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