Haylee Fentress & Paige Moravetz, Both 14, Commit Suicide Pact Over Bullying



​14-year-old Haylee Fentress had moved from Indiana to the small town of Lynd, Minnesota about a year ago. Maybe it was because she was the new girl. Maybe it was because she was somewhat overweight. But her new classmates didn’t take to her…

Paige Moravetz had recently gotten into a fight at school. Her friend Haylee was expelled after stepping in to help her.

​In fact, they made her life miserable. They taunted her about her weight and her red hair. She was ostracized and mocked. She became so self-conscious she would rarely eat at school for fear it would only bring on more ridicule.

Fortunately, she did have one excellent friend in Paige Moravetz, also 14. Paige was a hockey player and was teaching Haylee how to skate. They were so close that Haylee even hyphenated her name on her Facebook page to include Paige’s last name.

Yet their troubles at school recently boiled over. Paige got into a fight. Haylee stepped in to defend her and was expelled. Naturally, the bullied kid was the one booted from school.

“That was really weighing on her, missing her friends and being excluded
from school. She felt like she was defending herself and her friend,” Haylee’s aunt, Robin Settle, told ABC News.

At the same time, Paige’s mom and stepdad left for a 10-day vacation in Hawaii. She decided to have a sleepover at Haylee’s house. At 1 a.m. that night, Haylee left a happy birthday message on her cousin’s Facebook page. Then she called her best friend back in Indiana.

At 6 a.m. that morning, Haylee’s mom found both girls dead. They’d hanged themselves.

They appear to have planned the suicide pact for some time. Both left detailed instructions for their funerals. Haylee “requested everything pink and princess and butterflies,” says her aunt. (Special thanks to reader Moet for the tip.)

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