Holly Bobo, 20-Year-Old Nursing Student, Abducted From Her Tennessee Home



UPDATE: Police now believe Holly Bobo was kidnapped by someone who lived nearby, likely knew her, and was familiar with her schedule. They also believe the kidnapper may have escaped in an all-terrain vehicle. See update after the jump…

Her brother saw 20-year-old Holy Bobo being escorted into the woods near their home by a man in camouflage

​It was 8 a.m. last Wednesday morning. Out the window, her brother saw
20-year-old Holly Bobo being escorted into the woods near their home by a
man in camouflage. To most of us that would be alarming. But Parsons,
Tennessee is hunting country.

Camo is the height of men’s fashion here, and Holly was an outdoors girl. It wasn’t uncommon for her to take to the woods.

Her 25-year-old brother wouldn’t call police until he found blood in the driveway, along with duct tape that had Holly’s blond hair attached to it. But by that time it was too late. Holly, who was on her way to attend nursing classes at the University of Tennessee at Martin, was missing.

Her lunchbox would later be found near a creek 8 miles from her home. But there has been no sign of Holly. (See her Facebook page here.)

Police and volunteers have launched a massive search throughout the wooded, hilly area between Nashville and Memphis. But so far they’ve come up empty.

Detectives are looking for a suspect who’s recently taken time off work, may have obsessively cleaned a vehicle or inexplicably tried to sell a car or ATV. They believe the kidnapper was familiar with the area — perhaps a hunter or a resident. Holly’s family also believes the kidnapper was watching her.

Police believe Holly’s kidnapper is likely from the area and would have known her schedule

UPDATE: Holly’s kidnapper likely lived nearby, say police.

Her 25-year-old brother Clint saw her go into the woods with someone at 7:30 a.m., but wasn’t alarmed, thinking it was her boyfriend. He only became suspicious when he saw a small amount of blood in the carport of the family’s home.

Along with her lunchbox, detectives say they may have found some additional items she dropped during her journey through the woods, but those are awaiting forensic testing. Meanwhile, police are using imaging equipment to search bonds and rivers for her body.

The cops believe the kidnapper may be someone from the area who knew the family and watched her movements. The kidnapper would need to know the nearby woods to plan his escape. He also would have needed an all-terrain vehicle to leave the area as quickly as he did.

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