Hooker Ashley Steele Shoots Customer Derrick Gray for Giving Her Herpes



​Ashley Nicole Steele, a 21-year-old Chicago prostitute, was out plying her trade at the apartment of customer Derrick Gray. While she was there, someone knocked at Gray’s door, so he stepped outside to talk to the person. And that’s when things went to hell…

While Gray was gone, another woman came to the door, and she was hysterical. She told Steele that Gray had given her herpes. And just to prove it, she showed the hooker text messages from Gray, in which he apologized for giving her the disease.

This did not make Steele very happy, since Gray had also exposed her to the disease. So she began pacing the apartment, announcing how she planned to kill and rob her host.

By the time Gray returned, Steele had found his trusty handgun and pointed it at Gray’s head. He begged to be spared, then ran into a bedroom. But Steele shot through the door, hitting him. Then she shot him twice more at closer range, putting an end to his herpes problem.

Steele grabbed Gray’s money and escaped out the window to a waiting car. But she’s not the smartest criminal.

She went to a nearby Walmart to buy clothes, shoes, bleach,
gloves and a baby bathtub so she could wash the gun and change out of her murder wear. The supplies were later found in a Calumet City trash can.

Our heroine was subsequently charged with murder.

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