Jasmine Cotter, 18, Won’t Spend a Day in Prison for Killing Her Boyfriend



​18-year-old Jasmine Cotter and her boyfriend, Damian Ruston, had been dating for three years. But last November, they got in a fight while they were driving along a highway near Ada, Oklahoma. They pulled the car over to the shoulder to continue the ill-fated discussion…

Damian Ruston cussed and spit on his girlfriend, so she ran him over

​We’re not sure if Damian was drinking, but a field sobriety test would later indicate that Jasmine was. And that only made their fight more vicious.

According to Jasmine, Damian spit in her face, flipped her off, cussed her out and taunted her, saying she’d never run him over. So that’s exactly what she did. She ran him over, pinning him under the right rear wheel and killing him.

She immediately began to regret it, calling police and confessing to the entire episode.

But it didn’t look good to Jasmine. She was drunk and would later plead guilty to manslaughter.

Then her sentencing hearing took a strange turn. Damian’s father, Anthony Ruston, asked the judge to provide leniency to her son’s killer. He said he’d already forgiven her, and he was hoping the judge would too.

So for killing a young man in a fit of rage, she was given a 10-year- deferred sentence, meaning she’ll never see a day in prison as long as she stays out of trouble. She was also given 500 hours of community service.

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