John Hauff Jr. Built Sexual Torture Chamber for His Rape Victims at Tacoma Home



UPDATE: John Hauff Jr. is accused of putting a padlocked chain around his victim’s neck and then torturing her with electrodes for hours before finally learning that she had already sent his license plate number to her her boyfriend. See update after the jump…

On April 2, 66-year-old John Hauff Jr. picked up a woman in Seattle who
he’d solicited to do a little sexual role-playing at his Tacoma home.
Though police aren’t saying, we presume she was a hooker, and even she
was freaked out by her client’s behavior.

When they arrived at Hauff’s house, she sent a text message to her boyfriend telling him Hauff’s license plate and address. If she didn’t get back by midnight, he was supposed to call the cops.

Her fears would prove all too correct.

The 24-year-old woman discovered that Hauff had built his own sexual torture chamber. She was forcefully restrained to a wall, raped and tortured.

At one point she asked if Hauff planned to kill her. “We’ll see,” he responded.

The woman then told Hauff that she’d already texted her boyfriend. When he checked her phone, he realized he was in deep shit. So he paid her extra — $200 — drove her home, and urged her not to call the cops.

But that’s exactly what she did, seeing as he was a degenerate and all.

Last week, he was arrested by the Seattle SWAT team while he was with another woman. And when they raided his house, they found what a true pervert he actually was.

Hauff had built an elaborate torture chamber within his home. The walls were 8 inches thick so no one could hear a woman scream. I-bolts were screwed into the walls and ceiling so he could chain women by the neck.

The cops also recovered “syringes, belts, paddles, sexual devices,
locks, ropes, chains, tubing and two devices that appear to be designed
to administer electricity to the human body.” They believe Hauff has attacked other women before, and are asking any woman who’s had an encounter with him to come forward.

In the meantime, the creepy bastard’s been charged with kidnapping, rape and assault.

UPDATE: Hauff spent hours torturing his victim with electrodes.

We now have a clearer picture of what happened to the victim on the night of April 2. The woman, a hooker, was patrolling a Seattle street when a man pulled up and offered her $100 if she would let him tie her wrists and use a sex toy on her.

She agreed, as long as he consented to not tying her too tight. But he began to freak her out as they drove from Seattle to Tacoma. She asked that he stop so she could buy cigs, and that’s when she texted her boyfriend with the license plate number of his car.

Her fears proved correct when they got to the house. Hauff put a chain around her neck and padlocked it. The woman screamed and asked Hauff if he planned to hurt her. He said he did.

He then spent hours jolting her with electrodes and smacking her with a paddle. She was bound so tight she was beginning to turn blue. Then the woman told Hauff about the text she’d sent. He suddenly turned nice, giving her an extra $100 and asking her not to call police as he drove her back to Seattle.

But he’d just spent hours torturing the woman; she wasn’t going to give him a pass. He’s now in the slam, being held without bail.

Meanwhile, police used cadaver dogs to check for buried bodies on his property. They’ve so far come up empty, though their search isn’t complete. Hauff lives in a trailer home with a fairly large yard. And since he’s a metal scrapper, the property is filled with old cars and shipping containers.

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