Jonathan Rorech, Moron of the Day: Calls in Fake Shooting to Avoid Speeding Ticket



​In today’s joyous episode of Moron of the Day, we bring you the saga of Jonathan Paul Rorech, who’s such a moron he’d be an underdog in any game of checkers — even if his opposition was a toaster oven. The 31-yer-old dope was pulled over in Naples, Florida…

He was being pinched for speeding, but he was also driving on a suspended license.

So while the cop was in his car running his license, Rorech got a novel idea about how to beat the rap. He called 911 to report a shooting in the area, hoping the cop would respond and blow off his ticket.

That’s exactly what the cop did, only to find out the report of the shooting was false.

But this particular cop was not as dumb as he looked to Rorech. After discovering the shooting call was bogus, he decided to call back the number used to make the 911 call. He got Rorech’s voicemail.

Instead of just getting a ticket, our hero was arrested for making a false 911 call.

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