Kathy Coy Butchers Pregnant Friend Jamie Stice; Steals Her Fetus



​Gal pals Jamie Stice and Kathy Michelle Coy were both hip on pregnancy. The 21-year-old Stice was an expectant mother due in 40 days. The 33-year-old Coy desperately wanted to be with child. Last week, Coy was supposed to take Stice shopping for baby supplies…

Jamie Stice was lured to her death under the auspices of getting some baby supplies

​The mother-to-be would never return from the shopping trip. Instead of road tripping it to the mall, say investigators in Kentucky, Coy took her friend to a wooded area off U.S.68-Ky. 80 in Oakland. It was there that Coy subdued her unsuspecting friend with a stun gun and proceeded to slit Stice’s wrists and throat with either an utility or drywall knife. 

Stice’s innards were disemboweled and the unborn fetus was carved out of her. 
Coy left Stice’s mutilated carcass in the rural area and bee lined it for the Medical Center at Bowling Green.
Coy — apparently unaware of the basics of medicine — reportedly arrived with a uterus, ovaries, placenta and umbilical cord still attached to the newborn. She told doctors she’d just given birth to the baby. 
But after an exam showed she’d decidedly not just given birth, police were summoned.
In the ensuing interview with authorities, Coy changed her story, saying she had bought the child. During further interrogation, Coy told investigators about Stice and led them her to the body.  
Detectives have uncovered various signs that there was writing on the wall leading up to the April 13 massacre.
Coy befriended Stice on Facebook only three weeks prior to her murder. She told Stice she too was pregnant and that she could hook her up with clothes and other baby items at the company she worked for.
Authorities also found out Coy was desperate to make people think she was pregnant. She actually stole a sonogram picture from yet another pregnant friend and claimed it as her own.
Scariest of all, Coy had even asked her own children if they would aid in the execution of Stice.
Coy has been charged with murder and kidnapping a minor.
Warren County Commonwealth’s Attorney Chris Cohorn has stated he may seek the death penalty. However, he adds he will make that determination only after Coy’s mental state and competency are determined.
James Reynolds, the father of Stice’s son, says his boy is healthy. His name is Isaiah. 

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