Kelly Rothwell Disappears in Florida; Boyfriend David Perry Won’t Help Police



UPDATE: Police may not have enough evidence that David Perry killed his girlfriend Kelly Rothwell, but the good bar patrons of Florida aren’t about to let his family rest in peace. His son has been arrested for trying to fight bargoers who mocked him. See update after the jump…

On March 12, Kelly Rothwell was having lunch with a friend in Indian
Rocks Beach, Florida. She was a police recruit in training, and she had
recently undergone instruction on domestic violence. She’d learned that
her live-in relationship with David Perry wasn’t healthy.

The two had met at a salad bar. Within weeks, he’d moved from New York into her Florida condo. But friends say he was controlling with an explosive temper. He was a former prison guard who’d gone on sick leave, then simply given up his job.

At that lunch, Kelly told her friend she planned to leave Perry. But she hasn’t been seen since she left the restaurant that day. Her car was later found about two miles away in a hotel parking lot, but she’d never gotten a room at the place.

Curiously, Perry has refused to offer a DNA sample or talk to police about the matter. His lawyer has only provided a rough timeline of where he was in the hours after Kelly disappeared.

No one seems to believe she left on her own. She never missed a class of police training, and friends say she was anal about her schedule, rarely missing much of anything.

Perry, meanwhile, is described as the classic controlling boyfriend, a guy who monitored Kelly’s internet use and texted her constantly. He returned to New York at the same weekend Kelly disappeared.

No charges have been filed, but detectives concede there’s a good chance she may already be dead. (Special thanks to reader Captain America for the tip.)

Kelly’s boyfriend David Perry has refused to talk to police and has moved back to New York since her disappearance

UPDATE: Neighbors heard loud noises coming from Kelly’s townhome.

Kelly’s mother Nancy Rothwell arrived in Florida this week to collect her daughter’s belongings. She admits her daughter may be dead, and detectives seem to have drawn the same conclusion without expressly saying it.

Neighbor Ken Williamson says he heard loud noises coming from Kelly’s townhome the night she disappeared. Perry and Kelly lived in the unit above his.

“It was a thumping and banging on the ceiling,” he told WTSP-TV. “I don’t know how to
describe it — like somebody threw something down or threw
something on the ceiling real bad.”

Meanwhile, detectives are putting the full-court press on Perry, even though he’s refusing to cooperate. He came back to Florida on Sunday to clean out a storage unit. And police were there to scout him. 

“He looked like he hadn’t slept or eaten in several days, frazzled
looking,” Detective Mike Bailey told WTSP. “He was nervous, absolutely he was nervous, but I don’t know if
he was scared or not.” 

Asked if they were following him, the cops only smiled.

Adds Detective Amy Plourde: “I think it’s been in his brain that he’s
been watched for some time now… He’s a smart guy. It wouldn’t surprise
me that he would say that people have had eyes on him for a few days

It now seems that David Perry’s 21-year-old son is as big a pussy as his dad is

UPDATE II: David Perry may have gotten away with murder — at least for the time being — but his family won’t live in peace.

21-year-old David Perry Jr. was arrested in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida Friday night after bar patrons taunted him for being the son of a woman killer.

The younger Perry was drinking at Cuso’s Club and Cantina when the decent people of Florida started giving him shit about his dad killing a police cadet.

The cops arrived at 12:40 a.m. to find Perry’s friends trying to calm him down. Since no punches were thrown, he appears to have been doing Ye Olde Punk Ass in a Bar Maneuver, where he pretended he wanted to fight but was conveniently held back by his friends.

We’re guessing he posed no threat to the crowd, since he’s a pussy just like his dad, and they continued to mock him through his histrionics.

But he still wouldn’t shut up after police arrived, yelling and cussing out the rest of the bar. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and placed in a pink cell with soft lighting to keep him from bawling and waking up the other inmates.

Meanwhile, there doesn’t seem to be any movement in the case involving Kelly’s disappearance. David Sr. still refuses to help police, and Kelly wasn’t there when her cadet class graduated from the police academy last week.

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