Rose Faucett & Phillip Hester Agree to Sell Their Baby to Sex Offender for $300



​Bar the doors and hide your children, dearest reader, because we have a white trash explosion in Indiana — aka “The Mississippi of the Midwest.” Phillip Hester is a 58-year-old degenerate. So is his girlfriend, 38-year-old Rose
Faucett. They’re the kind of people who should not have babies…

Michael Overby, convicted child molster, paid just $300 for his latest target

​But their problem commenced when Hester got Faucett pregnant. Seeing as how they were both scumbags, they didn’t want the baby. Nor did they place much value on the child.

So they agreed to sell the child to another couple, Michael Overby and his sister-in-law, Debbie

There was a small problem with their transaction, however. You might say it’s somewhat illegal to sell a baby in this here country. And that illegality just gets worse when you’re the kind of douchebags who sell your kid for just $300.

Then there was the small problem of the Overbys’ past. Michael is a convicted child molester. Debbie has a previous conviction for child neglect. Surely they’d provide the baby with a loving, nurturing home.

Nonetheless, the two couples entered into an agreement whereby Michael Overby falsely claimed he was the baby’s biological father. The Overbys also entered into a written agreement with Faucett (pictured top), allowing her to visit the child for no more than two hours a week — as long as she wasn’t hammered.

Yes, they had to include a drinking stipulation in the contract. A second contract allowed Faucett to stay with the couple till she found a place to live.

All for $300.

We’re not sure how they were caught, but they’ve all been hit with felony child-selling, along with forgery and conspiracy to commit forgery charges.

Two other children — ages 4 and 11 — also had to be removed from the Overby household by Indianapolis police. According to the cops, the Overbys were paying the Alabama parents of the 4-year-old $100-$200 a week to let the kid live at their home in Indiana. (Special thanks to Texas Bureau Chief Leah & Pennsylvania Bureau Chief Captain America for the tips.)

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