Seath Jackson, 15, Lured to His Murder By His Former Girlfriend, Amber Wright



UPDATE: 15-year-old Seath Tyler Jackson wasn’t just killed over a stupid teen love triangle. Their Facebook postings show country teens doing bad impressions of TV gangstas, and their faux toughness got way out of hand. See update after the jump…


​Seath Tyler Jackson, a 15-year-old boy from Belleview, Florida, had
spent Sunday hanging out with friends. But they say their day was
interrupted by his former girlfriend, Amber Wright, who kept texting him
with overtures to get back together. Seath finally relented.

He was told to meet her at a rural home in Summerfield, Florida that night. What he didn’t know was that 18-year-old Michael Bargo and his friends would also be waiting for him there.

Seath and Bargo had an ongoing feud for reasons unknown at this point. They’d traded insults over Facebook, and Bargo often told friends how much he hated Seath.

So when Seath entered the house, Bargo jumped him and began pounding him with a wooden object. Then he shot Seath multiple times.

Amber Wright, Seath’s former girlfriend, lured him to his death by saying she wanted to get back together

​But Seath was still alive and tried to escape. So 20-year-old Justin Soto held him down while Bargo shot him again.

The attackers — which also included Charlie Kay Ely, 18,  Kyle Hooper, 16 — placed him the bathtub, where they broke both of his knees. Then he was hogtied and wrapped in a sleeping bag before his body was chucked in a backyard fire pit.

James Young Havens III, the stepfather of Amber Wright and Kyle Hooper, was aware of the murder plot all along, according to police. While he didn’t help with the actual slaying, detectives say he helped the kids shovel Seath’s remains into five-gallon cans, which were thrown in a flooded lime pit. They also cleaned up the house with bleach.

Seath’s parents reported him missing on Monday. By the next day, the mother of a boy who apparently witnessed the killing went to deputies to say her son knew what happened to him.

Five people have now been charged with first-degree murder. Havens is charged with being an
accessory after the fact. (Special thanks to NY Mommy for the tip.)

Seath and Amber had been trading insults over Facebook in the weeks before she lured him to his murder

UPDATE: Seath appears to have been murdered over a stupid teen love triangle.

Police aren’t confirming this, but that’s what the evidence suggests. Back in March, Seath was professing his love for Amber Wright on his Facebook page. But the teens soon broke up and they began trading insults.

To weeks ago, Seath accused her of cheating on his Facebook page. She responded by saying “You
continuously write shit about me.”

Seath’s response: “I said I was done
with you, and you should be done with me.”

Wright’s subsequent post: “It takes a real man to accept
the fact that he got broke up with.”

In the meantime, it appears she took up with 18-year-old Michael Bargo. He’s not only the kind who dates a 15-year-old girl. He also appears the be the kind who gets jealous of a 15-year-old boy who used to date his girlfriend.

Tracey Wright, the mother of Amber and 16-year-old Kyle Hooper, forced her son to confess to police the day after Seath went missing. He admitted the group lured Seath to a trailer home being rented by Ely, Soto and Bargo.

When he got there, Bargo, Hooper and Soto began to beat him on the head with wooden objects. Ely claims to have ran into her bedroom as the attack began and says she took no part in the killing.

Seath was beaten and repeatedly shot, then had his knees broke so it was easier to hogtie him. Soto went looking for firewood so they could burn Seath’s body. Police say he was thrown into a backyard fire pit, where he was burned to the point that only ashes and bone fragments remained.

The kids shoveled his remains into 5-gallon containers and reportedly threw them into a flooded lime pit. Then they played basketball.

James Havens, the stepdad of Hooper and Wright, is accused of knowing about the plot beforehand and helping the kids dispose of the remains. But he says he didn’t think the kids were serious about their murder plot.

While Hooper, Ely and Havens have no criminal history, the other three shitbags do. Amber was charged with domestic violence in May, though that charge was later dropped. Bargo was arrested twice for burglary last summer. Soto has previous juvenile arrests for possession of a
weapon on school property, battery and burglary.


UPDATE II: Seath’s murder was fueled by country teens who badly wanted to be tough guys.

While Seath and Amber bickered over Facebook, others jumped into their very public breakup, leading to an escalation of fake tough guyism that ended in murder. In March, Seath and Amber were gushing over the love for each other. By April, they were openly fighting, with Seath calling her a slut.

“I got so tired of you treating me like I was nothing,” Amber wrote on April 8. “If you’re so perfect, why don’t you get over your jealousy and get a new
girl you can hurt. … You know I cared deeply about you. I stuck with
you through a lot of stuff. … It takes a real man to accept the fact
he got broken up with.”

Even though he ambushed a 15-year-old with his friends, Michael Bargo’s face indicates he still managed to get his ass kicked

Retorted Seath: “We both need to just let all of this go. Yeah we
split, yeah it hurt, but I’m over it. I’m just not going to let Mike
have his cake and eat it too.”

That last reference to Michael Bargo appeared to be the crux of the matter. Both seemed jealous about the other’s relationship with Amber. In fact, Seath had repeatedly challenged Bargo to a fight, though it seems Bargo wasn’t interested in hand-to-hand combat.

According to Bargo’s lawyer, Charles Holloman, Seath had previously “stood in front of
(Bargo’s) parents’ home, raising cain, threatening to burn the house
down, threatening to kill people.” But he claims police didn’t do anything.

It’s hard to blame the cops. Here were a a bunch of little country white boys pretending to be bad-ass gangstas while fighting over a little 15-year-old girl. They probably had a hard time to keep from laughing at the spectacle. No one could have predicted Bargo and his friends would resort to vicious murder.

Take, for example, their Facebook feuding, a comical display of teen bravado and impersonations of TV bad guys. This excerpt appears to show Seath and a friend named Dalton taunting Bargo:

Dalton: (to Mike) “lol seth was gunna beat ur (expletive)

Seath: “thatz my lil (epithet)”

(to Mike) “Yo u ain’t guna bad mouth my dog and ill kill yo (expletive)
u (expletive) wit the wrong Boise and I’ll puts dat lead I’n ya body”

Dalton: “Seth cN u believe dis (epithet)”

“yeah (epithet) he aint (expletive) he bitch out 2 times win i tryed
to fight him but win i see him win he aint got nobody you feel me lil
(epithet) he going to gt that (hurt)”

Dalton.: “u know it”

Seath: “(expletive) i got
the heat (gun) rite (expletive) now if you wunt some reall (epithets) at
your hous with aks il make it happin lil girl you aint nuthing but a
dumn (expletive) trick

“and i tryed to brang it to home (to fight) but your boy (Mike Bargo)
wuldint come out of his home bc he a lil (expletive)”

(to Seath) “Yuur nothing but a huge (expletive) joke! All yuu know how
to do is bitch tlk (expletive) and whine when yuu dont get what yuu
want! Get over the fact that i left yuu. Get the (expletive) over
YOURSELF bro! Yuur not needed here any (expletive) more. So catch the
…hint and dip out! I dont need yuu for (expletive) anymore. So just
pack up and leave me be (epithet)! Trust me im sure yuu can do it, its
really not hard. But then again it might be hard for yuu. Yuu know
seeings how yuur not so bright anyways (just saying) but i think ive
said enough here. Buh bye!

(to Amber) “ok (derogatory name) your hous is giting (burned) the
(expletive) down with your (expletive) in it with your moma kyle your
(expletive) dady and yo (expletive) boy frind and i will dip out but
ummmmm just for the recered how does it feel to be cheated on”


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