Vera Jo Reigle, Mentally Disabled Mom, Murdered By Cousin & 17-Year-Old Girl



Vera Jo Reigle lived a wretched 24 years. At age 11, she was raped by her father, Willard E.
Reigle Jr., who’s now serving a 20-year-sentence in an Ohio prison. She suffers from
hyperactivity disorder, which left learning at school difficult…

Daniel Bixler is accused of beating and stabbing his disabled cousin to death less than a month after he got out of prison

​She still managed to graduate high school in Findlay, Ohio by taking special classes. But life would not improve.

Vera began dating a boy five years ago when the kid was just 13. They would end up having a baby, who’s now 17-months-old. But she was estranged from her mom, so she went to live with the boy’s family.

Relatives suspect they took her in because of her monthly disability checks. The house was a filthy shithole. Social workers suspected they didn’t own a vacuum to clean the carpets. A pig even lived in a closet and went to the bathroom inside the home.

Over the past two years, the cops had been called to the home at least 10 times over issues ranging from threats to child abuse to fighting
and poor living conditions.

In January, police were called to the home by someone who claimed Vera was being held against her will. They found her cut, beaten and with a broken nose. But she would only say that someone had recently beaten her up, and provided few other details. She also said her living conditions were fine, and she liked staying there.

But things would only get worse when her cousin got out of prison in March. Daniel
Bixler, 21, had been in the slam since 2008 for burglary, theft, and receiving stolen property. According to Vera’s mom, people at the home were abusing Vera, but no one intervened or called the cops.

One night Bixler and a 17-year-old girl took Vera for a walk. When they arrived back home without her, they told others that Vera was hanging out with another man.

Later, at 2 a.m., train operators slowed after seeing a body on the tracks. Police arrived to find Vera beaten and stabbed to death with wounds across her entire body. (See her Facebook memorial page here.)

The murder wouldn’t remain a secret for long. The 17-year-old girl told relatives about the savage killing, and that confession eventually made its way to the cops. Now both she and Bixler are charged with aggravated murder. The girl is still being charged in juvenile court. (Special thanks to reader Vicky for the tip.)

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