Bieyanka Moore’s Family Has Far Bigger Concerns Than Underage Porn



​Reader BooBooKitty responds to Bieyanka Moore, 15, Steals Woman’s ID, Films Underage Porn, Goes on Crime Spree. She finds it amusing that the girl’s family is outraged by the porn, but seems oblivious to the fact that their little darling is so out of control…

“It’s disturbing that a girl this young is already this fucked up at this
age…And the family is completely outraged at the people that made the
porn, but not the fact that their little girl is committing crimes left
and right?

“Looks like another bunch of fucked up money grubbers looking
to make a buck…If they’re that money hungry, they should wait til she
turns 18 and leech off of her when she can LEGALLY do porn….

“but I
have a feeling this kid is gonna end up dead in a ditch or burned out
before she even makes to 18…”