Brian Killion, Boy Scout Leader, Went Perv on His Scouts for 14 Years



​Boy Scouts have always creeped me out. Maybe it’s because they rock their own version of the Catholic school girl look with those knee-high green socks, which isn’t all that arresting on a middle-aged man. Yet scoutmaster Brian Killion took creepiness to a whole new level…

He’s a 38-year-old Eagle Scout from Absecon, New Jersey, and he’s been taking young boys on camping trips since 1997. But he wasn’t just teaching his charges how to build three-bedroom homes out of some sticks and skunk fur. He was also providing instruction on his patented brand of man-boy love.

Police say he went perv on at least five scouts. During one incident, he awoke an 11-year-old boy while they were camping, then gave him a blow job in front of other scouts. He would also show them porn and how to use sex toys at the home he shared with his mom.

One boy received particularly lavish attention. Police say Killion gave the kid gifts, money for his mom to pay the bills, and took him to see shows on Broadway. The whole Broadway thing should have been a tip-off, since a straight guy would have bought tickets to the New Jersey Devils.

Detectives say the boy repaid Killion by having sex with him more than 50 times. It seems the scoutmaster also liked to film his sexual escapades with the youngsters.

Killion was indicted this week on more than 50 counts, including
aggravated sexual assault, child endangerment and possession and
manufacturing of child porn. Thankfully, he already possesses the survival skills to fashion a noose from twigs and eggs shells. Better to hang  himself now before his new roommates get to him. (Special thanks to reader Mecede for the tip.)

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