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Thoughtful Burglar Steals Woman's Debit Card, Returns It After Making Withdrawal

By Cory Zurowski in bizarre, robbery
Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 7:57 am
Half past two in the morning this past Saturday, a crook entered a house in Baltimore through an unlocked door. The gray-hoodied wearing man proceeded into a bedroom occupied by a sleeping woman. Wielding a folding knife with a silver blade, he demanded cash...
The startled victim told him she was without hard currency -- but she did have her handy debit card nearby. 

The thief snagged the plastic and bolted from the crime scene. 

Roughly ten minutes later after making a cash withdrawal with the victim's card, he came back to the house and promptly returned the debit card to its proper owner.

Police have yet to ID the thoughtful thief, although they do have a picture of him using the card at a bank machine before he returned it to his victim.

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