Cher Cha Moua Slaughters Family, But Judge Benjamin Proctor Releases Him (Again)



​In 1998, 54-year-old Cher Cha Moua went on a murderous rampage in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He shot his wife and his 18-year-old daughter in their mobile home, killing them. Then he drove five miles to his daughter’s boyfriend’s house, shooting and wounding him…

The mope ended up pleading guilty, but a shrink declared him too nuts to stand trial. So Eau Claire County Judge Benjamin Proctor committed him to a mental health facility.

But Proctor seems to have a soft spot for mental guys who slaughter their families. In 2006, he determined that Moua was no longer a risk to shoot lots of people, so her ordered his release.

Alas, Moua soon proved that he was still very mental. He decided to stab himself in the stomach, neck and chest after taking some sleeping pills. Unfortunately, he didn’t whack himself, but at least he didn’t whack anyone else.

Proctor sent him back to the nut house.

Scroll forward to 2011, and it appears the fine Wisconsin judicial system has released Moua again. A shrink ruled that Moua is no longer a threat to shoot lots of people or repeatedly stab himself. Which means that Proctor has once again released him to a halfway house.

If you’re reading this, good people of Eau Claire, you should be okay if you simply cover all your doors and windows with 1-inch plywood and never leave your home.

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