Derrick Griffin, Baptist Minister, Charged With Murder in Love Triangle Slaying



Trevor Griffin is a 40-year-old pastor
at the True Vine Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis. But he apparently got ripped off by his divinity school, since it never bother to teach him about God’s admonishment not to whack people…

He’d married Kim Rochelle
Dozier in 2002. By 2010, he filed for divorce, but his petition was withdrawn six weeks later. Still, the couple remained on the outs and lived separately. And as she tells it, the good reverend had taken to stalking her in his white Cadillac.

Griffin also apparently missed the classes on Jesus’ teachings regarding selflessness and covetousness.

Kim, it seems, had taken up with a new man, Kristopher Miller (pictured top), a father of two who was an administrator at North High School in Minneapolis.

On May 11, Kim, Miller, his sister and her boyfriend decided to spend an evening at an Elk’s Club. At the time, Kim and Griffin had been fighting. He’d found sexually suggestive texts on her phone and believed she’d been having an affair with an Elk’s Club employee.

As the foursome left the bar that night, Kim spotted Griffin sitting outside in his white Caddy. She mentioned to her friends that her husband was stalking her again.

Miller walked her to her car, gave her a hug, and they went their separate ways. An hour later, police were summoned to Miller’s home, but he was already dead. He’d been shot twice on his front porch. Neighbors reported seeing a white Cadillac leaving the scene.

At first, Griffin tried to claim he wasn’t in the area at the time. But he later backpedaled, saying he stopped in the neighborhood to buy liquor on the way to his girlfriend’s house.

Yet police recovered a bullet from his clothes that matched the ammo used to kill Miller. Cell phone records and surveillance cameras also caught him cruising the area at the time of the shooting.

And because he’s a moron, he was also caught on tape telling his wife not to talk to police in a call from jail. The jail phone is clearly marked with a sign that says calls may be recorded. Police are seeking charges of first-degree murder.

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