Deputy Sean Moore Admits to Rape and Assault, Then Clips Himself In Jail



​Sean Moore had only worked as a Yakima County sheriff’s deputy for a year when all hell broke loose on one of his shifts. A minor traffic mishap in 2004 turned violent when a suspect fled the accident, rammed Moore’s cruiser, then fired bullets at the young deputy and his shift partner…

Moore returned fire, wounding the suspect. For his keen performance that day, Moore would be awarded a Medal of Valor.
But something broke inside Deputy Moore after the incident. Although he would deemed fit for duty after undergoing standard department psychological procedures, he was a changed man after the exchange of bullets.
As the months flowed later in the year, Moore began to demonstrate a proclivity for domestic violence. According to a female acquaintance, there were several domestic abuse episodes she suffered at the hands of Moore over the latter months of 2004.
Then in the fall of last year, Moore’s unstable, unpredictable behavior hit a new low.  
On a night in October while Moore was on duty, he entered the woman’s home. Holding a gun to woman’s head, Moore asked the woman’s male companion if he would “like to see her die?” 
Moore repeatedly smacked the woman in the head; he demanded her dude pal to exit the house. Moore threatened the man with arrest if he didn’t leave. When the man wouldn’t follow Moore’s orders, the deputy left the house in his cruiser.   
The following day Moore came back to the woman’s home and proceeded to again hold a gun to her head while he hit, choked and finally raped her.
The woman would report the incident to authorities.
Earlier this year, Moore pleaded guilty to first- and second-degree assault in addition to third-degree rape in connection to the October attack. He faced more than a decade in prison.
He had resigned from the sheriff’s department the day before he copped his plea.
Squirreled away from the general criminal population inside the Yakima County Jail, the 37-year-old appeared to be accepting his fate behind prison walls for the next decade. According to jail staff and mental health counselors, Moore had even begun planning for his life post-incarceration.
Hence, it was a bomb to all around him when jail officials walked into Moore’s jail cell last Saturday night to find him hanging from a towel wrapped around a stacion of his bunk bed.
He was rushed to Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center where he was pronounced dead.
An examination of Moore’s body showed no defensive wounds. Jail officials, who remain adamant Moore showed no previous signs of despondency, have ruled his death a suicide.

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