Henry Fitzsimmons Started ‘Scholarship Program’ to Satisfy His Spanking Fetish



​Henry Fitzsimmons owns the Envy Bar and Grill in Virginia Beach. But he’s a 54-year-old guy with a spanking fetish, which means it’s probably not easy for him to lure young babes to his lair for some playful rounds of getting smacked on the ass with a riding crop…

So Henry came up with a novel idea to lather their willingness. He’s a disciple of Dorothy Spencer, who wrote a book in 1936 on how mutual corporal punishment could bring about domestic bliss. In essence, Spencer advocated that married couples spank each other whenever one violated house rules.

That gave Henry the idea of developing The Spencer Scholarship Program. Students and women in need could apply for scholarships and money from Henry. In exchange, he could spank them whenever they violated the rules of his program.

But according to the women, Henry was far more interested in getting his inner perv on than he was fostering their well-being. At least five women have gone to police saying Henry spanked them over a 5-month period using straps, belts and a horse riding crop.

It seems the spanking could get quite violent. Henry gave them bruises and welts so they couldn’t sit down. He also refused to let them leave if they didn’t agree to beatings, and one woman says Henry beat her with a leather strap in exchange for picking up the tab for her daughter’s birthday party.

He’s further accused of using objects to rape the women.

Henry’s now charged with abduction, assault, sexual penetration and sexual battery. But he does have what may be an interesting defense. He claims the program was completely voluntary, and that all the whipping was entirely consensual.

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