Jacob Lawler, Pervert Teacher, Began Sexting Student When She Was 9



​Though teacher sex scandals have seemingly become ubiquitous, 33-year-old Jacob Lawler still manages to blow up the Perv-O-Meter. On Monday night, a dad in Albuquerque noticed that his 11-year-old daughter was blasting away with texts on her phone…

Police believe Lawler began exchanging nude photos with the girl when she was just 9

​He asked who she was talking to. But instead of answering, she ran away and locked herself in the bathroom. Dad opened the door and took the phone. That’s when he found message after message from Lawler, her 5th grade teacher.

These weren’t innocent texts between teacher and student. Police believe they’d been sexting each other and exchanging nude photos since the girl was 9. The texts showed Lawler asking to see her genitals and offering to send her photos of him and his wife having sex. He was hoping the girl would send similar pictures.

When Lawler was confronted, police say he admitted to everything. They also say they found the numbers of other students in his phone. Lawler claims he only had them because he wanted them for safety on a field trip.

So far, only the one girl has come forth as a victim of the teacher. Police are still searching to see if he had contact with any other children.

In the meantime, Lawler is facing felony charges of child solicitation by electronic communication device and criminal sexual communication with a child.