Janella Lewis & Tonya Gooseberry Charged With Murder of 2-Year-Old Grandson



​Janella Lewis and her lover, Tonya Gooseberry, were taking care of 2-year-old Titus Gooseberry and his 3-year-old brother. One night back in January, Lewis says Titus got tangled up in her feet as she tried to take the trash out. So she picked him up, dusted him off, and put him to bed…

Tonya Gooseberry’s grandson had his liver torn after he was stomped by her lover

​But later that night, he vomited and stopped breathing. By the time he reached the hospital, Titus was dead.

Lewis, his primary caretaker, tried to claim that she’d accidentally stepped on the body at their Harvey, Louisiana home. But her story didn’t match the boy’s wounds.

His legs looked as if they’d been whipped, there were bruises on his butt, a burn mark on his hand, and a large footprint on his back. Doctors believed he’d been stepped on so hard that it lacerated his liver.

Lewis tries to explain all those injuries away. Fortunately, she’s a huge idiot.

She says the burn came from hitting away Titus’ hand as he reached for a hot stove. But the autopsy showed something very hot had been pressed against him.

As for the bruises on his butt, Lewis actually said she used a nail file to rub between his cheeks to potty train him.

Moreover, a foot mark in Titus’ back, still visible by the time he reached the hospital hours later, looked as if he’d been stomped on by a very large woman. 

Lewis, 40, is now charged with second-degree murder and cruelty to juveniles in connection. Tonya Gooseberry, 35, is charged with accessory after the fact to second-degree murder and
cruelty to juveniles. (Special thanks to reader Skatoolaki for the tip.)

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