Larry Slagle Gets 10 Years For Killing Landlord in Fight Over Ceiling Fan



​In was the middle of the summer, July 13 in Gulfport, Mississippi, where it’s known to get hotter than the devil’s armpits. So 73-year-old Larry Dean Slagle naturally decided to turn on the ceiling fan. Unfortunately, he was renting a room in the home of Sonya Nelson…

And the 42-year-old Nelson wasn’t hip to all the electricity Larry was burning. The two began to argue. And since they’re both goobers, someone decided to bring out a handy gun, which they wrestled over.

When it was all over, Larry had shot Sonya dead.

He called 911 as Sonya lay bleeding on the floor. On the tape, he claims it was an accident. But Sonya could be heard the background saying that he was lying before she passed away. So prosecutors charged Larry with murder.

But last week, a jury decided he’d killed Sonya in the heat of passion, and that the murder wasn’t deliberate. He was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 20 years, with half of that suspended. Apparently jurors in Mississippi aren’t that sympathetic to cheap landlords. (Special thanks to reader Nemesis for the tip.)

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