Nuha Al-Doaifi’s New Brand of Terrorism: Spitting on Walmart Shoppers



​21-year-old Nuha Mohammed Al-Doaifi is a married mom from Saudi Arabia studying at Florida Tech. But she seems to prefer her native country’s unique brand of feudal fundamentalist kleptocracy to our own welcoming culture of depraved narcissism and rampant covetousness…

Who would have thought?

She was at a Walmart in Palm Bay, Florida yesterday when she entered the store through the exit, ramming her shopping cart into the door. Another customer informed her that she was going through the wrong door. We’re not sure if that customer was a dick or not. It’s Walmart, after all. Who knows what odd species Nuha may have encountered?

But instead of the thanking the customer for the helpful advice to her vexing door dilemma, Nuha spit in the person’s face, then continued into the store to shop with her 2-year-old son.

And that’s where her Saliva Jihad continued.

It seems another shopper got too close to Nuha as well, so she decided to spit on that person too. Alas, her primitive liquid weaponry missed its mark. But Walmart workers called the cops.

When police arrived, she told them that “Americans are pushing us around.”

This wasn’t the first time Nuha had spit on someone. She also tried to hock a loogie on one of her professors at Florida Tech. The school has already begun preparations to send her ass back to Saudi Arabia, where she can be pushed around by much nicer Wahhabi nutbags who think women are incapable of anything but breeding and cooking.

But since she admitted to gobbing on the two people because they’re Americans, police also jacked her battery charge with a hate crimes pinch.

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