The Quest to Solve Our Never Ending Disqus Problems Continues



UPDATE: Some people have been having problems with a delay in seeing their words as they’re typing in a comment. Disqus is hoping they have this fixed, but we’d like to know what you’re seeing on your screen. We’re getting mixed feedback so far. See update after the jump…

The people at Disqus are still having difficulty finding out why we’re
having so many commenting problems. But they have discovered that there
are problems with Internet Explorer 7, which should be easy to fix. If
you go here, you can download Explorer 9.

This shouldn’t be a problem with the IT guys at work. Just tell ’em you wanted the most updated version of the software.

In the meantime, I’d really like to get the rest of the Disqus problems fixed. Not only are they irritating, but it’s personally embarrassing that so many people are having unneeded difficulties with the site.

So I need your help. I probably see 20 or more comments each day cussing Disqus over various issues. The problem is that the details of these problems are rarely explained, which means I can’t pass them along to the tech guys to fix. And that leaves me randomly squawking about how much Disqus sucks — while providing them with little info on what’s exactly going wrong.

That makes me look like a whiny shithead. And as a general rule, I usually prefer not to look like a whiny shithead. I’m weird that way.

So here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m gonna keep updating this post all week long. Every time you experience a Disqus problem, I’d grovel and kiss your ass if you could explain in detail in the comment section below about what you’re seeing. Here’s what I need to know:

1. The kind of machine you’re using (i.e. a Blackberry, PC, Apple, etc.)

2. The kind of operating system you’re using (Vista, etc.)

3. The kind of browser you’re using (Explorer, Firefox, etc.)

4. A detailed description of what you’re trying to do, and what’s going wrong when you do it.

I’d really love to get these problems solved. But I can’t do it without your help. So won’t you please — pretty please — come to the assistance of a whiny little man in distress? Think of me as being tied to railroad tracks by a man in a mustache with a black cape, and you’re the only guy who can save me.

Thank you.

UPDATE: The never-ending Disqus problems continue.

Yes, I realize you’d all like to cut off my testicular matter for taking so long to get this fixed. One reader — sorry, I forgot who — even wanted to organize a party to come to Ohio and sit on my lawn until it gets fixed.

This is not a very good idea. Though I’m equipped with many bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey to quench your thirst during your stay, I have a very small yard. That means some of you would have to sit in the street. And that means you may get hit by a driver speeding on their way to an urgent Pepsi run at Discount Drug Mart.

So let’s get back to our problems, shall we?

Judging by reader feedback, it seems Disqus still blows chunks even after upgrading to Internet Explorer 9. But there’s some early indications that the site works much better using Firefox, which you can download for free here.

I use Firefox and have never experienced most of the problems you have. And it’s a way better browser than Explorer, so you should enjoy it even if it doesn’t provide an ultimate solution. If your IT guy at work squawks, just tell him that Explorer sucks and you need a better browser. You guys are creative. You can make it happen.

In the meantime, please keep posting detailed descriptions of whenever you have problems. Make sure you provide all the info requested above. The more feedback we provide, the more the tech guys can identify the frequency and breadth of the problems across all different kinds of machines. And that means we can finally fix this shit before you decide to make me a eunuch.

Which you really shouldn’t do, by the way. I have a wife. Removing my vast and searing romantic powers would only do harm to an innocent women whose only sin was to marry a loser.

UPDATE II: Are you still experiencing typing delays when you comment?

Giannii, our man at Disqus, has this to say about the typing problems:

Hi Pete,
We just pushed a fix to resolve the delay with typing.
Essentially it was a bug specific to our latest feature mentions and the
time in which it took to search words depending on the characters
typed. We tested extensively on our end and you shouldn’t see this
happen anymore.

So please let use know if you’re having problems with this anymore. Thanks.